Ring Alarm Pack – S by Amazon | Smart home alarm security system with optional Assisted Monitoring – No long-term commitments | Works with Alexa


Set up Alarm Security Kit and connect all your devices in the Ring app to receive notifications when someone triggers the motion sensors, opens a window or door, or sets off the siren. Arm, disarm, and set your Alarm in home mode with just a tap, and monitor all your connected Ring devices from one simple dashboard.

  • This Alarm Pack is ideal for apartments and 1 bedroom homes.
  • Get started with a home alarm system for your house or flat with Ring Alarm Pack – S. This 5 piece pack includes a Base Station, Keypad, 1 Contact Sensor, 1 Motion Detector, and a Range Extender.
  • Whevever you are, you can arm and disarm your Ring Alarm system with just a click in the Ring app.
  • Compact and secure, Alarm Contact Sensors mount to door and window frames and alert you when they are open. The discreet Motion Detectors mount to room corners or flat walls and send you real-time notifications whenever motion is detected at home. Use the Ring app to control it all from one simple dashboard.
  • Ring Alarm is quick to install and easy to use. Simply follow the steps in the Ring app. Add additional Motion Detectors, Contact Sensors, or an Outdoor Siren to expand your whole-home protection to suit the size and layout of your home.