Multi Angle Measuring Ruler angle measurement tool,DIY angle measuring ruler,High-quality aluminumangle measurement tool,Suitable for handymen,construction workers,carpenters,tilers, craftsmen


  • 1. Lightweight and portable, made of sturdy high-quality aluminum alloy, long use time
  • 2. Upgrade the design of the locator to help mark the location and drill holes in the tiles.
  • 3. Both sides of the length unit, CM&IN laser etching marking, can be used by anyone who likes DIY.
  • 4. Multifunctional construction metal measuring tool, foldable ruler at any angle, to meet your daily needs.
  • 5. The newly upgraded design is convenient for handymen to find slots.
  • 6. General layout measurement tool when working in tiles, brick pavers, wood, laminate, wood, flooring projects, etc.
  • ✎【High-quality materials】The multi angle measuring ruler made of high quality aluminum alloy material, anti-fall, durable. the aluminum alloy multi angle measuring rule is super wear-resistant, can be used for a long time, no need to worry about corrosion, to ensure the durability of multi angle measuring rule.
  • ✎【Accurate measurement】The multi angle measuring ruler, high accuracy, can be accurate to the mm value, clear reading, The multi angle measuring ruler units: CM and inches not easy to paint, easy to maintain and easy to store, The multi angle measuring ruler is a precise multi angle measuring ruler template tool
  • ✎【Powerful】The multi angle measuring ruler Can be freely deformed and used in various ways.the multi angle measuring ruler has a 12-piece ruler and 12 metal knobs that fold freely. Simply adjust the metal knobs to precisely create the shape you want. Measuring objects of different shapes is quick and easy.
  • ✎【easy to carry】This multi angle measuring ruler 12 side,universal opening locator,Interlinked, easy to carry,Not easy to lose。The universal opening locator has three sizes of openings with diameters of 45mm, 25mm, and 40mm.They are linked together,Prevent you from losing one of them at work